Lipofilling is a surgical procedure in which adipose tissue (fat) is transferred from one area of the body to another, on the same person and within the same operating time.

The technique is very common in breast reconstruction after breast cancer, but it is also frequently used for gluteal (buttocks) augmentation, as well as for breast augmentation, with or without implants.

Worldwide, lipofilling represents more than a million procedures per year for these indications alone.

The principle consists in removing fat by liposuction, purifying it and then re-injecting it in the desired area. The purification step is essential to obtain a high quality adipose tissue which guarantees the efficacy of the graft while ensuring low tissue resorption after injection.

Our devices allow us to envisage a grafting efficiency of 90%; therefore, reducing the number of surgical procedures required to obtain the volume desired, especially in the case of breast reconstruction.