NEOSYAD is the result of the synergistic association between a cell biologist specialised in adipose tissue and a plastic surgeon specialised in reconstructive surgery and breast lipofilling.

Régis Roche

President and scientific director

Cell biologist (Ph.D.), he directed a University research team on adipose tissue for several years before creating the group STEMCIS, sold in 2015.
Known worldwide for his work on adipose tissue and with ten years of experience as the head of a innovative companies, he created NEOSYAD with Xavier Nelissen in 2020.

Xavier Nelissen

Medical adviser

Surgeon specialised in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he is the head of department at the CHC (General Hospital) of Liège, as well as a member of the Royal Belgian Plastic Surgery Society.
Specialised in and recognised for breast lipofilling, specially in the case of autologous reconstructions, he is the ‘facilitator’ link between technical aspects and surgical reality within NEOSYAD.

François Cabaud


Mechatronics engineer, he worked over 25 years as the Technical Director and R&D manager in companies dedicated to the development of innovative medical devices. He joined NEOSYAD in 2020, with experienced in the design and manufacturing of minimally-invasive surgical robots, and a strong attraction for disruptive innovation.

Dr Emmanuel DELAY

Medical director

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, head of department at the Cancer Centre (Léon Bérard) of Lyon. A pioneer in the field of breast fat transfer, he was the President of the French Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Society (SOFCPRE) in 2017. He has more than 250 scientific publications, and is internationally renowned for his work on breast lipofilling. Through his unique experience, he helps NEOSYAD develop and improve its products in order to obtain the best clinical results in a large number of indications.